Who is Atterfly?

Atterfly is a content and communications company that helps healthcare provider brands and startups in Nigeria build empathetic, strong and trustworthy brands through strategic content marketing and communications.

Why Atterfly?

Healthcare in Nigeria is changing and getting better in terms of medical service delivery, and care. However, not many Nigerians know about this.

At Atterfly, we discovered that many Nigerians don’t know about certain medical procedures, equipment, and service delivery that are now available in Nigeria. Where some are aware, there is the issue of trust. As a result, some of them unfairly dismiss the healthcare system and those who can afford it opt to travel abroad for healthcare services.

Simply put, healthcare in Nigeria isn’t getting the appropriate exposure it should have. There is a gap.

This is partly due to healthcare service provider brands not effectively spreading the word of how good healthcare services have become, and partly due to advertisements being against the code of conduct of the medical practice in Nigeria.

At Atterfly, we believe all these can change if healthcare brands begin to adopt effective content marketing and communication strategies.

Nigerians deserve to know that they can be matched with the right healthcare service provider they can trust to deliver the quality healthcare needed, without having to leave the borders of the country.

How will Nigerians know if this information is not readily available online? How else can they be presented online if not through effective and intentional content and communication from healthcare service provider brands?

At Atterfly, we’re on a mission to transform and redefine how healthcare service in Nigeria is perceived. Through effective content marketing and communication strategy, Atterfly helps its clients improve patient journeys, establish relationships and build trust, gain loyal patients, and shape the overall image of the healthcare brand.
Odinaka Ndukwe – Lead Content Strategist & Founder of Atterfly

Meet the Leadership Team

We are a people passionate about healthcare in Nigeria

Odinaka Ndukwe

Lead Content Strategist/Founder

Favour Ndukwe

Legal Advisor/Head of Operations

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